A Guide to Making Expert Corporate Videos like a Boss

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When making a corporate video, the goal is to get clients that will last. But even one tiny mistake in the production process could make you lose a client. Here are ways to make expert output like a boss!

Focus on Quality Over Quantity

When making a business video, don’t try to include as much information as possible. Here’s an alternative: keep your video short and to the point. Studies have shown that videos 30 to 90 seconds long receive the most views. Since people now want instant gratification, keeping your business video precise will increase your engagement metrics.

Maintain Professionalism

It’s essential to be professional when making a corporate video, as this can make or break the final product. Make sure to use creative commons or copyright-free music to avoid any legal issues down the road. The music should be background music that compliments the voices in the video rather than drowns them out.

Another common problem with corporate videos is a lack of editing skills or a hesitancy to hire someone with the necessary skills. However, it’s essential to have high-quality content in your corporate video. They must know how to use Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas, or Adobe Premiere.

Promote via Social Media

Upload your video to YouTube and social channels. This will allow you to take advantage of the autoplay function social channels like Facebook have put in place. By presenting a good business video with autoplay, you will be able to attract more viewers.

Trim Corporate Videos into Episodes

A frequent mistake big companies make when shooting a corporate video is only purchasing one video cut. It is essential to outline several edited lengths of the same video so various departments can leverage them across multiple platforms. Remember, different apps work with different video lengths according to their audience.

This even works for B2C platforms since the corporate video can be reworked to show some of the company’s inner workings. 

Regardless of content form, corporate videos should always be shot expressly for the platform they are on and the audience who watches. This also applies for in-house purposes. The corporate video will not have the desired impact if it does not match your company culture.

Maintain Vision

Every company has a mission and vision for its destination, and an excellent corporate video must show the viewer who they are. What are their goals? What has the company envisioned to achieve? Showing this in a video compels the viewers to stick around and see the end of the message. 

A corporate video needs something unique that makes it different from the rest. What makes your product or service the best or better than the competition? Make your viewer think differently and see your company as a unique entity.

The final ingredient for a successful video is emotion. You need to evoke an emotional response from your viewer. No matter what you are selling, if you can create an emotional connection, you will have a customer for life. Creating a brand that connects will have a better ROI than a superior product with no connection to its customer.

Create Expert Corporate Videos with OpenEye Studios

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