What to Wear during a Professional Video Production Shoot

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It’s surprising how many people show up to video shoots wearing unflattering clothes. We have to discuss it in this article, so you’ll have a definitive guide on what to avoid and what is safe to do when facing the camera.

Why is clothing relevant to video production? Well, because people form an opinion about you almost instantly when they see you on camera, what you wear can significantly affect how you are perceived. 

To make the best impression, keep these tips in mind when creating an outfit for a video shoot, whether it’s an interview, a corporate video, a CEO profile, or a social media post.

Your Clothing Matters

When shooting for a professional video, selecting clothing that makes you feel confident and presents your best self is essential. Choose something comfortable that you know is good on you. It will help give you a boost in confidence when interacting with others.

What Clothes to Avoid

  • No optical illusions. Don’t wear clothes with intricate patterns. Thin stripes, herringbone, and tiny checks cause a vibrating illusion on camera.
  • No bright whites, nudes, and deep blacks. Bright whites and nudes tend to reflect too much light; blacks can blend with the background. All of them cause lighting problems.
  • No bright green clothes. Never wear green, especially if you’ll be in front of a chroma key or green screen video productions to manipulate your background. Certain shades of green also give your skin an unhealthy-looking sheen.
  • No branding. Never wear clothes that feature a particular brand prominently. You wouldn’t want another’s company name or logo visible on your clothes when you’re doing a marketing video for your business.
  • No colorful undershirt. Don’t wear bright colors for your undergarment since they can show through your shirt under bright professional set lights. 
  • No excessive accessories. Avoid putting on loose jewelry that click-clacks loudly if you don’t want to give the sound guy a hard time.
  • No fluffy collars. If you’re in an interview or video that requires you to talk, make sure to avoid puffy collars, scarves, or turtlenecks, all of which can muffle your audio by blocking the lapel mic. 

What You Should Wear

  • Pressed and tailored garments. Choose appropriately sized clothes that are ironed and wrinkle-free. There’s nothing wrong with buying clothes off the rack, but take the extra effort to alter them so they’ll fit you better. 
  • Plain colors. Wear clothes in solid colors that complement your skin tone. Pastels, blues, grays, magentas, and browns are often best. 
  • Sharp suit. If you’re working on a CEO profile, it’s best to wear a well-fitting charcoal or navy blue suit appropriate for your body type. Then, instead of white, put on a blue or cream dress shirt so it’ll reflect less light.
  • Corporate silhouette. For ladies who want a more feminine look, a sheath-fitted dress with a modest neckline is an excellent choice. You can also go for the reliable skirt and blazer combo and ensure not to show too much skin. 
  • Smart casual. Opt to dress in smart casual items if shooting for a more relaxed scenario. You can wear a blouse or button-down shirt with tailored trousers or a skirt and layer it with a blazer or cardigan.
  • Alternate outfit. If your first ensemble doesn’t look good on camera, ensure you have other items to try on. For example, if your primary outfit is a suit, try to bring a substitute dress shirt or multiple ties. 

Combining neutral pieces with simple styling and accessories helps you achieve a timeless, sophisticated look for the camera.

Hair and Makeup for Professional Video Shoots

A classic updo or sleek straight style are excellent options if you’re going for a more professional look. Avoid using too much product, as this can make your hair look greasy and unnatural. 

For a casual look, you could use a light volumizing spray and blow dry after for a tamed but natural look. Next, you’ll want to choose the right makeup for your shoot. If it’s a professional shoot, you’ll want to opt for minimal makeup, or what people call ‘no makeup, makeup.’ 

Grooming for a shoot does not only apply to the ladies but also the gents. Men shouldn’t be afraid of a bit of powder to lessen their face sheen. Use a balm to moisturize the lips and trim the beard, if you have any, to look your best on the screen. 


Your clothes choice affects not only the audience’s reaction but also the actual production process. Your wardrobe for video shoots should not be taken lightly and must go through proper consideration to convey the right message and not delay the filming process. 

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