The Explainer Video Production Process in 8 Simple Points

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Watching succinct, straight-to-the-point explainer videos can make you wonder how the team behind actually gets it done. Granted, it’s previewing on a smaller screen, but it still must take an enormous effort to produce the animation, text, and flow, right? Not exactly. All it takes are these eight simple points to understand the explainer video production process:

Point #1: Know Your Audience

Don’t be like other production companies that think if they make a general video, everyone will like it. This is a completely wrong way of doing things. Analyzing your audience is even more important when it comes to explainers. Given that this type of message has numerous elements (combination of visuals, audio, and text), it is easy to make a mistake and alienate viewers. Professional video explainers should help you create contact with your audience. If you have poor targeting, everything will be for naught, so that’s not how it works. 

You need to focus on a specific target audience because that’s the only way to make a video that resonates with them. Ask these questions first:

  • What’s the video’s purpose?
  • Who is the audience?

Point #2: Create the Script

A script is the foundation of a good explainer video. It’s what gives the video its purpose and structure. Without a script, the video will likely be unfocused and lack the impact you want it to have.

When you’re writing, think about what each word is communicating and whether or not it’s adding anything valuable to your message. If a word doesn’t have a purpose, consider taking it out. This will make your writing more concise and easier to read. 

Ensure your message is easy to understand, or your audience will tune out.

Point #3: Bear Corporate Branding

Your brand’s identity should reflect on the video to ensure that it is cohesive with your other marketing materials. Do people recognize your company’s logo and branding when they see it? This means you should use colors that will stand out and be noticed and the same font used on your company’s website. Adding the company logo to the background will also be beneficial.

Point #4: Make the Mockup

This is where the style for the animated video is chosen. To get the job done, creators can go with either 3D, whiteboard, graphics, typography, silhouette, etc. Like point #3, ensure the mockup matches your corporate branding.

Point #5: Set the Storyboard

At the halfway point of the explainer video production process, teams must set the idea to a storyboard, the visual blueprint, or the master plan. 

Point #6: Recording the Voiceover

The production team hires a voice actor and sends them the script for recording, with a usual turnaround time of 24 hours.

Point #7: Animate

This can be the most challenging part for an explainer video company, as it takes up the most time. The quality of the final video will be most affected by the animation. Lastly, we need to add sound effects and explainer video music.

As We Close, Here’s Point #8: Troubleshooting

Two concerns arise during explainer video production:

  • The client is unhappy with the work.
  • The creation process extends.

In this last part, producers and clients must iron out any kinks experienced beforehand to ensure the envisioned product is created. Since this could result in frustrations and miscommunications, it is always best to do regular check-ins at each stage to assure everyone is on the same page and minimize the troubleshooting aspect later on.

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