3 Kinds of Social Media Videos That Increase Sales

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What opportunities exist for your company to profit from consumer demand for video content and the good relationships between video commercials and recall, brand recognition, and purchase intent?

Our recommendations for utilizing video on social media to increase sales include three forms of video most effective at turning viewers into buyers. 

Go over some pointers for producing powerful video advertisements, how to maximize the targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram, and where to find video production services in Springfield.

3 Kinds of Social Media Videos That Increase Sales

Three basic forms of video may effectively boost sales on social media. We’ll examine these videos’ components and some actual instances.

Videos That Explain How Your Product Was Made

This kind of video may be a fantastic strategy to raise the worth of your goods and attract more attention on social media. If you have one product, describe its origins and manufacturing process. 

Choose the product that deserves to be shared the most if you sell various items.

The recommendations that follow might help you explain your product’s story:

Use language that will make it possible for your audience to follow your tale whether or not they want to silence it (either as video captions or to narrate the story). A little background music can also provide the right mood and improve the narrative.

Choose the goods with the most captivating tales. Consider which will connect with your audience on social media the most if you sell various goods or services. You may also hire an explainer video production company for expert assistance.

Product Demonstration Videos

Occasionally, it makes sense to use video for advertising your company to potential clients. 

Making a short clip that will stand out on social media is straightforward when you use pre-existing product photos and strong, large lettering.

The following considerations should be made while making a product video:

Always use a CTA, please. Include a call-to-action that communicates to customers how they may make a purchase rather than just listing your items. This CTA can be shown as text in your video, and you give website visitors in the description. 

Send visitors to a product page or a post-click landing page focused on certain items or promotions rather than sending them to your homepage.

Strive for the finest outcomes. Who are the consumers who will buy your goods, services, or theme for a video? Targeting this audience with your video can help you get the most for your money. Soon, we’ll discuss those specifics.

Employ videos. If visitors find your product more intriguing when used, employ video clips rather than solely static images. Make use of video as it is the ideal substitute for in-person product evaluation.

Commercial Videos

Videos that include time-limited deals and special discounts work especially well to get viewers to click through and make a purchase. Limited-time offers are especially beneficial since they capitalize on concepts of scarcity and “fear of missing out.”

Keep the following tips in mind if you’re using a social media video ad to pitch a deal:

Give your agreement a deadline to engender urgency. Because the offer is only valid for a short period, viewers are less likely to hesitate before taking advantage of it.

You can ensure that your campaign sticks out by emphasizing the promotion and deadline in both the video and the Facebook post description. Consequently, more people will see the advertisement if users browse through their feeds rather than click to watch the video.


Various types of videos can help drive sales on social media. These include product demonstration videos, how-to videos, user-generated videos, and more. By creating engaging and informative videos, businesses can increase their reach and drive sales on social media. For best results, you can also hire a video company in Springfield.

Welcome to Ohio-based video marketing company OpenEye Studios. Despite being situated in the Midwest, we frequently travel around the state and sometimes the country to complete projects. For social media and online content, we are experts in video marketing. Contact us for video production services!

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