6 Metrics That Help Measure Your Video Marketing Success


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The video marketing aspect of digital marketing can bring forth great results for your business. For example, successful campaigns and viral content can spread organically across social media platforms, blogs, and search engines. With this comes the opportunity for your business to reach a wider audience and make more sales.

However, it will only do so if you know what to look at, measure, and improve. There are plenty of metrics to monitor, giving you data to gauge how well your campaign is going. If the numbers are doing well, you’ll understand what you should continue to do and optimize. If there’s a downtrend in the metrics, you can decide to switch tactics.

Connecting with video marketing experts can give you insight into what metrics to focus on the most for your business. Here are some general metrics that can help you measure your video marketing success.

1) Number of Views

Views are one of the most straightforward metrics to watch when tracking your video marketing success. The more views your video has received, the more people have seen your video. It’s important to look at your view count in conjunction with other figures, though, since there is the slight possibility of click farms and fake views.

2) Likes, Comments, Shares

Engagement elements such as likes, shares, and comments all come into play when measuring video marketing success. These numbers can help enlighten you about how well your video has done and what people think about it. It’s important to keep an eye on negative feedback as well, as that may be a symptom of a larger problem with your content.

3) Click-Through Rate

Your video marketing campaign’s success can be measured by the click-through rate. This statistic will tell you how many people clicked on your video and took further interest in your brand, exploring more of your content and getting on to your website. A high CTR suggests good audience engagement and a well-made video.

4) Total Watch Time

Total watch time is also a good way to see how your video marketing campaign has been successful. This metric will show how much time people are spending watching your videos. It’s important to keep an eye on this number to understand how well you’re doing on the platform you’re posting on, aiming for a higher watch time than other similar channels or creators.

5) Conversions

Be sure to measure how successful your video marketing campaign has been in terms of conversions. Conversions can be any click or action that leads to an inquiry sale in your e-commerce store. When you can measure the conversions associated with your video, you’ll clearly indicate how effective your campaign has been.

6) Subscriber Count

Your video marketing efforts can be checked by the number of new subscribers you have gained. While this doesn’t necessarily mean more sales, it can be a positive indicator of what’s to come. Creating more quality videos and improving your content will likely lead to more subscribers and sales in the future. 


Video marketing is a powerful way to get in touch with a larger audience, one that can make a lasting impression on them. By putting time and effort into studying the metrics and creating a video marketing campaign for your business, you can see success for your brand.

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