6 Reasons to Maximize Your Caption Use on Social Media

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The online landscape is crowded, competitive, and moving too quickly for users. You need to slow down the pace at which clicks scroll through your website, and you can do this by including captions. 

And when it comes to video content, the solution is quite simple: create subtitles in your videos’ main language and then offer subtitles in other languages. This will boost the success of your videos tremendously. 

1) Google Crawls Captions

Your video captions are critically important, as they’re indexed by Google and thus also appear in search results. While video SEO is a lot more complicated than “Google indexes video captions,” it’s definitely worth the effort if you want to boost traffic. 

Again, video captions are indexed, but if you can’t see your subtitles in the video itself, Google will not index your captions.

2) Improves Social Engagement

A great way to increase your audience engagement is to use captions and subtitles. Plus, this will also be a great boost for social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. 

When people who speak the same language as the audience can’t understand what’s being said in the video, they will not be as likely to share it with their friends or leave a comment on it. This is why it’s so important to include subtitles in your videos in target languages.

3) Conveys Messages Beyond Sound

Captions and subtitles provide additional information to your audience beyond what your audio or video content can deliver. 

So rather than browsing the internet looking for the perfect picture to illustrate your point, you can send out a video that will deliver the message in a more memorable way. In fact, captions can help you convey a message much more clearly.

4) Boosts Comprehension and Memory

Subtitles and captions can boost comprehension and memory. When you combine audio and text, your viewers are likely to recall information longer, and will likely remember what’s being said.

And when does your audience remember information longer? When it’s about them! When you start personalizing what you say, use “we” vs. “you,” or even smile in your videos, you’re likely to increase engagement and also boost comprehension.

5) Adds Value to Your Message

You should use captions and subtitles to add value to your message. It can be quite useful to give those who don’t understand the primary language in your video the opportunity to benefit from it. This can be a great way to engage those who don’t speak your language.

With the right caption upload software, you can add subtitles to your videos in real time.

6) Transcends Language Barriers

One of the most significant advantages of captions and subtitles is that they transcend language barriers. This means that you can use captions and subtitles to reach a greater audience than you could if you simply used text.

Captions and subtitles can help you reach more people in different countries to easily expand your business.


There are still many opportunities to boost your video traffic, and making captions and subtitles can be a great way to do it.

If you want to increase your video traffic, OpenEye Studios can help. We are a corporate video company that will work with you to convey your messages through video. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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