A 2023 Outlook of Post Production and Distribution Trends


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As the media and entertainment industry continues to evolve, so do the directions in video post production and distribution. In 2023, we have observed several exciting developments that are shaping the landscape of how content is created, edited, and delivered to audiences worldwide. 

In this section, we will delve into the top trends in video post production and distribution and how they are revolutionizing this space.

Various Delivery Formats

Individuals watch videos on numerous devices, using various apps and websites, each having distinct video formats and necessities. To ensure an optimal viewing experience regardless of the chosen method, it has become standard practice to release multiple versions of the content simultaneously. 

These variations may include differences in aspect ratio (vertical or horizontal), duration, framing, codec, resolution, call-to-action, or captions. Additionally, descriptions, tags, and hashtags can be customized based on the specific platform.

Ensuring the quality of each deliverable is crucial, as well as thoroughly evaluating whether a modification detracts from the intended message and effect of your video. Although you may view one version of your video as the ultimate, the viewer only sees the version presented to them, so make sure to submit your best work on every platform. 

Also, utilize the distinctive features of each platform. For instance, on Instagram, a vertical video occupies more screen space than a horizontal one. Progressive production companies are filming advertisements in both vertical and horizontal orientations to achieve the ideal framing for various formats without having to crop or zoom in during video post production.

Split Testing

A/B testing, also known as split testing, is a method used to compare two different versions of a web page, app, or marketing campaign to determine which one performs better. This is done by showing the two variations to users and measuring their engagement or conversion rate to identify which version yields more favorable results. 

This technique helps businesses make informed decisions and improve their overall user experience. Considering the numerous elements involved in video marketing, numerous companies are opting for A/B testing of their videos. 

As mentioned, A/B testing involves creating two distinct variants of something to determine which one yields better results. In the case of videos, this could include testing various jokes, durations, taglines, motion graphic designs, narrators, and tones. Although it is more costly and time-consuming to produce multiple versions of a video for testing, achieving the ideal video can result in significant benefits.

Marketing Campaigns Aimed At Specific Audiences

Currently, countless hours of video content are uploaded daily, and it has become increasingly difficult for videos to gain traction naturally. As the algorithms that guide viewers to your content constantly evolve, brands and content creators are turning to targeted marketing campaigns and SEO optimization to enhance their videos’ chances of success. 

Various marketing strategies are available, such as customizing thumbnails and utilizing paid promotions to help increase the visibility of your videos.

Titles and Captions

Captions serve not only as an accessibility feature but also as an effective means to expand your video’s reach to a broader audience. By 2023, the importance and prevalence of captions have significantly increased, and they have become easier to incorporate.

Videos are often viewed under various conditions, with some people browsing the internet with muted audio or using devices with poor sound quality. Captions, therefore, ensure that the message of your video is effectively conveyed regardless of the device or volume settings. 

They can also capture the interest of someone scrolling through their social media feed with the sound off. Moreover, captions facilitate breaking language barriers, allowing your videos to reach a global audience without creating new content or dub existing videos. 

Providing captions in multiple languages is a cost-effective and less time-consuming alternative. The accuracy and availability of AI-powered auto-transcription and captioning services have greatly improved. 

For instance, Premiere Pro enables users to transcribe and caption videos in just a few seconds. Although translation software has advanced, it is still recommended to use a professional translator who is fluent in both languages to ensure accuracy.


The video post production and distribution landscape is set to undergo significant transformations, driven by technological advancements and shifting audience preferences. By staying abreast of these trends and adapting accordingly, filmmakers, producers, and distributors can ensure that they remain competitive and continue delivering high-quality content to viewers worldwide.

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