Rick Gambhir, Photographer

My style of photography is part photo-journalistic and part story teller. To capture the true essence of an event, especially a wedding, I build a story around the strong emotions of the day. This is my passion, to observe and tell your story as it unfolds. To bear witness to the joys of the bride and groom, the pride and often tear filled emotions of the parents and the sheer happiness of friends and family. I won't direct anything or interrupt this flow. If I were to intrude, the story wouldn't be real and the essence would be lost. I focus not only on the narrative of the event, but the subtle details that make the event unique and special. I pay careful attention to remain active and engaged in documenting the day, without being obtrusive. This is especially true during the ceremony.
It's important to chalk out enough time for candid and formal portraits. I keep these sessions lively and fun and try to incorporate the location or environment when appropriate. I like to include a small group of your closest friends and family in these sessions to spotlight the love between you and the most important people in your lives. In doing so, I won't force an emotion or a smile from anyone, but I have a knack for guiding everyone through a session that makes them feel relaxed and natural. I am a laid back and relaxed person myself, which translates to my shooting style.
My role as your photographer is to tell your story in a creative and inspired way. To anticipate and capture the emotions and highlight the love shared between the bride and the groom and amongst your family and friends. This is my goal and my pledge. I am confident that I will earn your trust, and together we will produce amazing images.

On a personal note: I am a husband, a dad of two amazing and precocious little boys, an IT professional, a dreamer, a trusted confident to my friends, a teacher to my children, Washington DC area native, a former Redskins fanatic, Penn State Alum, a pizza addict, a handy man, a lover of comedy clubs, the best campfire maker, and an eternal optimist.

I have been shooting since the 80's when I was in high school- back in the days that you actually had to develop your prints in a darkroom (the dark ages, right?) Lots has changed in the world of photography since then, but what has not changed is my love and passion for it. A passion that I hope I can share with you – I would love to meet you!

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